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July 17th 2019
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"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself."
-- Henry Ward Beecher
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Beat The Malware Arms Race, Friend!

Good Morning!

Trent Steele here with all the hottest technology news, software downloads, and your personalized weekly recommendations.

To defeat malware, you need to target the bad guys.

Your defences, like a medieval wall, will be breached.

You need to act fast when it happens, and sound the alarm.

Work with like-minded people at a national level...

... or go global for the greatest impact!

Read this week's excerpt below for some insight into how McAfee is set to take the malware battle out of the dark ages.

Enjoy: and have a great week --

Trent Steele

Trent Steele, Site Manager.

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McAfee's Global Response To Malware

In medieval times, kings let barbarians break down the castle gates but made sure they paid the price once they got inside. McAfee's approach to security takes a similar angle.

Click here to read this article in full.
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