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July 17th 2019
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Is Microsoft Bowing Out, Friend?

Good Morning!

Trent Steele here with the latest edition of the Windows Power User newsletter!

Microsoft will remain a household name for years to come.

But who will their next generation of customers be?

As Bill Gates takes a back seat, it seems that big business will become the main target.

Watch out for them poking their fingers into the cloud and connected productivity...

... while Windows and Office face an uncertain future!

Read this week's excerpt below for insight into how Microsoft's latest personnel change might affect us all.

Enjoy: and have a great week --

Trent Steele

Trent Steele, Site Manager.

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Tech News Friend's Tech News...
  Virgin Media rolls out porn filters

  Minecraft may hit silver screen

  German court dismisses Apple case
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  MOOS Project Viewer


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Every week, we recommend a series of exciting new hardware and software tools that we think you'll find interesting. Here's what we have for you this time...
Keep Kids SAFE Online!
My First Browser!
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The Dynamic IP Notifier!
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Rip That Music!
Rip That Music!
Automatically convert YouTube videos to MP3 music files! Fast, easy way to download ALL your favorite tunes!
A Clean Machine!
Instant Cleaner Pro!
Get a clean, lean faster machine! Eliminate unwanted history files and wipe away online traces for total privacy!
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Microsoft The Wallflower

Microsoft is disappearing. It isn't going away, exactly. It's more like a party guest who slinks off to hide in the coatroom. 

Click here to read the rest of this article.
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